Consiqare Oral Solution 667mg/ml

  • Dual Function: Softens stools and relieve constipation; treat & prevent hepatic encephalopathy
  • No after taste
  • Alcohol and preservative free
  • No artificial flavouring and colourant
  • Suitable for the whole family: Can be used by all the family members including adult, the elderly, adolescents, infant and young children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


KKLIU number: KKLIU 1948/2021
MAL number: MAL21016020XCZ
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Tarikh Tamat Tempoh: 31 Disember 2023

Consiqare is an effective medicine for constipation that can be used by your whole family. Its active ingredient- lactulose helps to soften the consistency of stools so they are easier to pass.


Constipation: Helps in softening the stools and relief constipation.
Hepatic encephalopathy (HE): treatment and prevention of hepatic coma or precoma.

Active Ingredients

Lactulose 667 mg/ml


Adult: Starting Dose: 15ml – 45ml; Maintenance dose: 15ml -30 mL
Children (7-14 years old): Starting Dose: 15ml; Maintenance dose: 10ml -15 mL
Children (1-6 years old): Starting Dose: 5ml – 10ml; Maintenance dose: 5ml -10 mL
Infant (less than 1 year): 5ml; Maintenance Dose 5ml

Hepatic Encephalopathy
For Adult only: 30ml-45ml, 3- 4 times daily. The dose is subsequently adjusted to produce 2-3 soft stools daily.

Pack Size



Store below 30℃.