Bacidin Antiseptic Cream 1%

  • Convenient and gentle antiseptic cream for disinfecting minor skin infections, burns, abrasions and wounds.
  • Quick treatment on-the-go
  • Non greasy


KKLIU number: KKLIU 1948/2021
MAL number: MAL19912885XZ
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Tarikh Tamat Tempoh: 31 Disember 2023

Bacidin antiseptic cream contains chlorhexidine gluconate 1% that helps to protect the skin against a variety of germs that can cause infection in minor abrasions, burns and cuts. Bacidin cream is the first-aid cream you and your family can trust.


Disinfectant for abrasions, minor skin infections, burns and wounds.

Active Ingredients

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 1%w/w


Apply sparingly onto the affected area as required.

Pack Size



Store below 30℃.