Povidin Solution

  • A broad-spectrum antiseptic solution
  • Gentle on minor wounds and surrounding skin to promote healthy healing
  • non-staining and non-irritating and film-forming


KKLIU number: KKLIU 1948/2021
MAL number: MAL19920866XZ
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Tarikh Tamat Tempoh: 31 Disember 2023

POVIDIN SOLUTION is a broad spectrum antiseptic solution that provides protection against most germs in the contaminated wounds, cuts, abrasions and minor skin infections.


An antiseptic used for wounds, cuts, abrasions and minor skin infections.
Disinfection of the skin before and after operation.

Active Ingredients

Contains Povidone-Iodine 10% w/v equivalent to 1% of available iodine


Operating sites, traumatic wounds, surgical incisions: Apply Povidin to affected area.

Heavily contaminated wounds: Apply as a wet compress and leave for 30 minutes.

Minor cuts and skin infections: Apply twice daily to affected area with a piece of clean gauze or cotton bud.

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Store below 30℃.