Serenaz Natural Sea Water Nasal Spray (Pressurized Spray)

  • Free from preservatives, chemical additives and medications
  • Rich in trace elements
  • Gentle Fine Mist leaves homogenous layer on nasal mucosa.
  • Bag-on-valve Technology: prevents backflow of air
  • Mild Spray Pressure: Adapted to the delicate nasal mucosa
  • 360° device: Apply at any angle
  • Thumb Drive Pump that is easy to grip.
  • Pure sea water that is sourced from the Bay of Cancale in Brittany, France (Class A area)



MDA approval code: MDAMD 0011/2021
Medical Devices Registration Number: GB7963120-46393
*This product is Registered under Act 737

A proper nasal hygiene is important for adults, children and babies. Serenaz Natural Sea Water Spray 120ml is suitable for adults and children (+6 years old) for daily nasal hygiene, removes mucus and reduces allergies.


For daily nasal hygiene and hydrates nose : keeps nasal cavities clean, facilitates nose blowing.
Reduces Allergies: by washing away allergens.
Removes mucus: helps breathing.

Active Ingredients

Sea water 30% (Sodium Chloride 0.9%) and purified water


Prime the spray by briefly pressing the nozzle.
Gently insert the nozzle into one nostril. Press the spray head.
Gently press the nostril. Ensure any excess solution runs out.
Blow your nose.
Repeat these steps in the other nostril.
Clean the tip by rinsing with water. Dry and cover with the protective cap.

Apply 2 to 6 times daily or as often as possible when needed.

Pack Size



Store below 30℃.