Progesic Tablet 500mg

  • Fast relief while being gentle to stomach
  • Effective relieve of fever, headache, pain at the back & muscular aches, toothache and period pain.
  • Does not contain aspirin


KKLIU number: KKLIU 1948/2021
MAL number: MAL19912888XZ
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Tarikh Tamat Tempoh: 31 Disember 2023


PROGESIC TABLET 500MG provides fast relief of fever and pain such as headache, migraine, backache, rheumatic pain, toothache and period pain while being gentle on the stomach.


Relieves pain and fever.

Active Ingredients

Paracetamol 500mg


Adult: 1-2 tablets three to four times a day, up to a maximum of 8 tablets a day.

Children over 6 years old: 1/2 to 1 tablet three to four times a day.

Pack Size

2 x 10’s and 100 x 10’s


Store below 30℃